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31-Mar-2020 10:24

One spouse may put up with more than another spouse. If you can’t show fear or share your emotions, you’re engaged in a shallow relationship. It takes money, these days, it takes two incomes to run a household. Lies like that eventually come out and when a spouse deals with one lie after another don’t be surprised when you find yourself married to someone who doubts everything you say. If they are upset over the actions of another person, whether that person’s actions were justified or not, it’s your spouse’s feelings you should be concerned about. If you promise your spouse something, keep your promise. A spouse who brings outside influences into the marriage. Instead of going to Thanksgiving dinner with her family you choose to stay home and watch football.

For some, it doesn’t take much in the way of bad behavior for them to cut and run. As husband and wife, you should both feel safe sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions with each other. Do what you can to keep your spouse from feeling ganged up on.10. Instead of attending his office party you decide to take in a movie with your girlfriends.

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FOCUSING ON THEIR PHONE Scott, a bar owner in Kansas City, Missouri, watches a lot of awkward first dates.

So it’s important to be able to politely extricate yourself from a bad date.

I asked single people from around the country to tell me about their top dating deal breakers.

For example, I have a friend whose husband refuses to close the door when he goes to the bathroom.

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My friend has an issue with watching other folks go to the bathroom.

You deserve a spouse who is adult enough to let go of anger and focus on the relationship they are in now.16. Problems don’t get solved if your spouse is unable to engage in conflict and work with you to find a solution. The person you are screaming, yelling and cursing at will one day set some boundaries with you. The spouse who doesn’t respect your personal boundaries.