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FHWA policy requires that all roadside appurtenances such as traffic barriers, barrier terminals and crash cushions, bridge railings, sign and light pole supports, and work zone hardware used on the National Highway System meet the crashworthy performance criteria contained in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350, "Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Features." The FHWA website at " identifies all such hardware and includes copies of FHWA acceptance letters for each of them.

In the case of proprietary items, links are provided to manufacturers' websites as a source of detailed information on specific devices.

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SIDEWALK CLOSED signs (see Figure 6F-3) should be used where pedestrian flow is restricted.The R9-8 through R9-11a series, R11 series, W1-6 through W1-8 series, M4-10, E5-1, or other similar type signs (see Figures 6F-3, 6F-4, and 6F-5) may be used on portable sign supports that do not meet the minimum mounting heights provided in Paragraphs 4 through 6 for longer than 3 days. Where large signs having an area exceeding 50 square feet are installed on multiple breakaway posts, the clearance from the ground to the bottom of the sign shall be at least 7 feet.If alterations are made to specific traffic control device supports that have been successfully crash tested in accordance with NCHRP Report 350, the altered supports might not be considered to be crashworthy.Section 2A.06 contains additional information regarding the design of signs, including an Option allowing the development of special word message signs if a standard word message or symbol sign is not available to convey the necessary regulatory, warning, or guidance information.

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Where special emphasis is needed, signs may be placed on both the left-hand and right-hand sides of the roadway.The ROAD (STREET) CLOSED (R11-2) sign (see Figure 6F-3) should be used when the roadway is closed to all road users except contractors' equipment or officially authorized vehicles.The R11-2 sign should be accompanied by appropriate warning and detour signing.Neither portable nor permanent sign supports should be located on sidewalks, bicycle facilities, or areas designated for pedestrian or bicycle traffic.

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