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Men – don’t be surprised if a woman catches your gaze, approaches you, starts a conversation and asks YOU out for a drink.When it comes to sex, Irish women tend to be outgoing and ready to enjoy themselves.What may seem like flirting to an outsider is more of a multi-generational, gentle teasing meant to solicit a person’s wit.

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Because of the strong influence of the Catholic Church, sexual attitudes are still more conservative in Ireland (both North and South of the border) than in other Western Europeans states, however this has slowly been changing over the past three decades .It’s only been since the 1990’s that sexual education has been a widespread part of school curriculum.It goes without saying that you should always practice safe sex, however just be aware that not everyone you meet is going to share the same views and/or knowledge about safe sex as you do.If you're looking for sex in Tullow there are Singles, Couples, Threesomes, Swingers and more online.