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13-Jun-2020 12:56

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If the pinned player can’t find the pin before the countdown is over, he or she must drink.Then the pinned player becomes the pinner and the game continues. All it really requires is basic spelling capabilities and a lot of pop culture knowledge.These games require no props, just brain power, a sense of humor, and maybe some optional prizes.They’re great for an outgoing crowd or a creative bunch.

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After a set time period, the player must guess who he or she is.The “No” Game What you’ll need: At the start of the party, everyone gets a lei or bead necklace.Each guest spends the rest of the party trying to win more leis or necklaces by getting other party guests to say the word “no”.Mix it all up, blindfold a guest, and give them 30 seconds to see how many safety pins they can retrieve from the rice.

This game is sure to get competitive as each player tries to outdo the others!

All you really need is a couple lightweight clothespins (plastic is recommended) and some drinks.