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However, among all the documents, what’s bureaucracy and what’s necessary?To facilitate your search, I listed eight essential documents to guide a successful project.The Prehistory ends when the writing system was invented. No line decided by your team will survive if the strategies and tactics of your projects are not documented. A project planning with its phases explained in writing is the condition for deadlines not to be missed and the budget, overrun.

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An important and one of the most underrated project planning document.

Premiered at Klimahouse 2016, this new technology developed by the company located in San Felice sul Panaro, Modena, has obtained a surprising feedback attracting the attention of a high number of visitors from all over.

The number of visitors has reached 37 thousands (465 exhibitors, with more than 70 companies on the waiting list).

Instead, automate all the company’s workflow and perform a great project planning with

A field in which Sacmi has worked untiringly since 1950, designing and building machines for the manufacture and application of crown caps with everfaster, better performance.

It’s the document most project stakeholders will see or want to see.