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This in turn makes it more attractive to participate in the ecosystem (whether on the private or public side) for proximity and ability to access the value captured therein.loopchain is a high-performance enterprise blockchain with Smart Contract features that can be customized according to the operational needs of its users and it can be linked with other distributed ledger networks.ICON has a vision to hyper-connect the world through a trustless self-propagating global society built on distributed ledger technology(DLT).More importantly, it has the muscle power and the means to execute on that vision with a clear blueprint and a focus on building a network that snowballs to critical mass.

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(Source: ICON Whitepaper) As blockchain platforms are being challenged to meet the rigorous demands of real world application, such as low latencies, immediate transaction finality, high performance and scalability – a secure and robust consensus model is essential to the overall operation of the blockchain.The implementation of adoption agnostic characteristics into the very fiber of the technology is evident at each layer that makes up loopchain as detailed below.For a more technical dive into the technology’s implementation see our earlier post on ICON: Network of Networks.As a result, any entity that joins the ICON network is able to customize modules for nodes verification, consensus algorithms, Smart Contracts etc. Additionally, they are able to replace or add any one component (module) without affecting the rest of the system – ensuring sustainability of the network system as the landscape evolves around it.

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