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Daniel's debut DVD/CD, TRUE STORIES I MADE UP, will be released this November through Comedy Central Records.Comedian Daniel Tosh knows a thing or two about making people laugh, and he’ll use his talents for another excellent cause this November.Look for Tosh at the Tempe Improv ( on September 28th-30th and October 1st at 8 pm.

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But with no ladies around, he takes it upon himself to make a new game called Sports or Consequences.

He’s performed at over seven hundred college campuses and hosted TENS, a popular late-night show he created.

He admits he’s anxious for a role on a TV show (to date he’s participated in five failed pilots), but until that happens, stand-up will remain his passion. According to him, he makes fun of dumb people for a living (a great gig if you can get it) and has nothing but good times doing it.

I’ve edited it only to replace URLs with hyperlinks.) Daniel Tosh doesn’t think he has a real job.

He doesn’t wake up early (usually), know how to knot a tie or have to worry about punching an alarm clock. Tosh, one of the most requested headliners in the country, has been featured on Comedy Central, The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (to name a few).

Don’t think he doesn’t appreciate his fans, though.