Are wesley stromberg and cece frey dating

09-May-2020 10:36

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While most singers / reality competition contestants would not choose to put their heart on their sleeve online (especially when there are already thousands of women fawning all over you), he tried to do that with a certain singer and Nickelodeon star.

A few days ago, Drew tried to get his Twitter base to arrange it so that former “Victorious” actress Ariana Grande (who has since moved on to the upcoming “Sam & Cat”) would go out with him.

In the message they thank their fans and remind them that they are loved by the band. We have seen so many reality music stars win and never become anything, so they might have lucked out here.

Lovato kicked it off by slamming Emblem3's "unplugged" performance of Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" as "a downgraded version of the Jonas Brothers five years ago." Oh, snap!

After a few rumors about being signed and being confirmed for a record deal, the boys took the time to share a new photo and thank you message on Facebook for their fans. It is a nice message to share with your fans and hopefully it will go well for the boys as they launch their real career.