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26-Mar-2020 20:31

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and mentioning a wedding on the first date is definitely too early.It's hard to believe that some girls actually do this, but according to this guy, they really do.First dates can be tough since there's a fine line between talking about ourselves to share things and allow our dates to get to know us... This guy is talking about the latter, and he's absolutely on the right track when he says that a girl talking way too much about herself is a first date red flag.Most of us would probably get really bored if we were just talking about ourselves since a conversation should be a two-way street and if we're on a first date at all, we probably want to get to know our date.

It would save so much time and ensure that we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Should the guy pay every first date that he goes on?

If we don't find out anything about him because we're too busy chattering away, that seems like a wasted opportunity for a love story.

These things all sound totally horrible, and it's easy to see why this guy thinks that these things are red flags when he's on a first date.

This guy says that nothing would be a red flag or dealbreaker for him if he was on a first date with a girl that he found "really really hot." Yeah, this sounds a bit sexist, because, well, it kind of is. Well, maybe some of them would since they might be flattered, but for the most part, we wouldn't find this that flattering. It's also kind of confusing that a guy would honestly date someone that weirded him out because of her good looks.

We want guys to like us for more than our physical appearance. Eventually, we're sure that relationship would fail.

While it might sound sexist on the surface, a few guys explained that they meant that they don't appreciate when someone acts like they're horrible just because they're male. Of course, everyone should be a feminist, including men, but lecturing a guy that you're on a first date with about how much men suck is not the best way to forge a lasting connection... While this confession is mildly insulting because maybe those girls are actually good people even though they happened to grow up in a wealthy household, we do understand where this guy is coming from.

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