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You can get drunk and sail across the bay and when you get home this porn website will be waiting for you.Or maybe you will meet some hot girl on the cruise and won't need to come back here ever again.The Quick Cam Express cable beats the Lifeview by only about 10cm (four inches).The Logitech Quick Cam software's pretty swish.The third contender is the Lifeview Robocam, a translucent globe with... At $AU104.50 delivered, it's another cheapie-cam, and it's got no microphone.But it does have a shutter button, and 640 by 480 maximum resolution, and a nice price. The two Logitech cameras come with the same software disc, which lets you easily install the camera driver software, plus a handful of other packages.

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US shoppers can find it for less than $US40, ex shipping. I've looked at the Express before, when I compared it with a rather underwhelming D-Link camera here, but the Logitech cameras come with notably better software now so it's worth a second, deeper look.The Pro 3000 comes with one very swoopy general purpose stand for ordinary monitor-top use, and a fold-up combination stand, which is the one it's attached to in the above picture.The fold-up stand can also be used to clip the Pro 3000 onto flat screen monitors, including laptop screens.The instructions say you can use it to clip onto ordinary monitors, too, like this...

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..since this picture was taken two seconds before the camera fell off the monitor, I think that's a bunch of hooey.If you've got a static IP or a Web site, you can make a "proper" webcam site, and there are free services that make it even easier. USB webcams are simpler to set up than the old dedicated-capture-card or parallel port versions.It's a heavenly gift to postmodern exhibitionists. But even if you restrict yourself to USB cameras only, there are still a zillion choices. Logitech have been a big name in webcams, ever since they bought the camera division of Connectix half way through 1998.The Logitech installer holds your hand more than the Lifeview one, but there's not much in it.