Autostarts widget updating

19-May-2020 09:43

E-Robot is an automation application which makes it possible for your device to execute commands automatically – all you need to do is define these commands.When you create a command you can specify which actions to execute when a given event occurs.If done correctly, the screen will look like this: When you launch an application from your defined “no wifi” group, Wi-Fi will be turned off automatically and if you pull down your device’s status bar you will see this notification: …and when you are doing anything that does not involve an application from the “no wifi” group, Wi-Fi will be turned on again automatically and the notification message will look like this: Some may find the ability to create location-based commands one of the most useful features of E-Robot, giving your device the ability to operate with different settings based on your location.The name of the current screen appears top left, next to the icon: Continuing with the top line there is the “tags” icon, which allows you to organize your commands into GROUPS, and the final icon next to it is a menu which makes it possible to access other features of the application, including E-Robot’s settings.

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After the application is launched, the welcome screen appears and briefly explains how the program works; following this, click NEW COMMAND at the bottom: Give the command a name and click [OK]: After this you will see the main commands screen, which links together Events and their accompanying Actions.

Finally the toolbar at the very bottom contains icons which execute actions pertaining to the selected command (as selected using the tabs), and so you can save, rename, delete or execute the command using these (the “ ” sign that appears first is to create a new command.) A command is simply an event→action declaration, i.e.

if event(s) occur(s), as defined by you, then you want action(s) to be executed.

Leave the other parameters untouched for now, then click [OK]: Our first command is now ready; save your work by clicking the second icon on the toolbar at the bottom.

Note that by clicking the execute icon (bottom toolbar, far right) we can test-run our “HELLO” command on-the-fly before trying it for real by power-cycling the display (in this case); either way, pull down the status bar after executing the command and observe the new notification you created, which appears along with the E-Robot logo and the current time: Application-based events allow you to execute actions based on application-type events, such as an app launching (i.e.We will begin by adding this event using the sign on the line marked Events, under the “HELLO” tab: The event selector screen appears (as witnessed next to the icon top-left) where you define the event.Because of their large number, event types are organized by group, again using tabs (ACCOUNTS & SYNC group, APPLICATIONS group, etc.) Scrolling right through the group tabs will reveal the DISPLAY tab we will use to define this event; you can also click the name of any other tab (convenient if you were already there for another purpose) and you will be presented with the tab header names of all event groups.Using either method go to the DISPLAY tab and select the desired event, which in this case is Screen turned on (Sent after the screen turns on): The selected event appears on the commands screen: We have defined the event; now we need to define the action to take in case of said event, which is done in virtually identical fashion: click on the sign on the line marked Actions, go to the OTHER tab (again by scrolling or via list selection by clicking any other tab header) and select Display a notification (Post a notification to the status bar).

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