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Billy also has a mullet that looks ever so slightly off. )The episode ends with Hopper heading a cottage in the woods.

At this point, we know exactly who we'll meet in that cottage, but it's still thrilling when a mop-haired Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) emerges to eat dinner with the Chief."Hey, what'd we talk about? And there she is — she's got more hair, and her pink dress is gone, replaced by a set of overalls, but it's definitely her. It's Halloween — in the show, and in reality it is fast approaching — so let's tally all the spooky things happening in the show. We know it's something capital-s Spooky because the music told us so.

They enter to the tune of Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane," just to really hit that nail on the head.

There's Max (Sadie Sink), of Madmax fame, who becomes a spot of obsession for Dustin and Lucas.

They are convinced she's still alive, and we learn through this dinner that Nancy is not allowed to tell Barb's parents what In other, cozier news, Joyce (Winona Ryder) has a new beau.

This beau is Bob (Sean Astin), and he's a card-carrying dork.

He's spewing theories about "that Russian girl" to Hopper (a bearded, grumbly, grouchy, manly, perfect David Harbour).

He's also wrangled his way into getting hired by Barb's parents.

This episode does a lot of heavy lifting in terms of what happened in those 352 days.Being in love with a Netflix show is (I imagine) like having a lover near your summer home in Europe.For your brief period of vacation, the love is intense. Will's being haunted by the Upside Down, and the Upside Down hasn't necessarily taken its leave of Hawkins.She's gruff, but her brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery) is gruff-er.

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Fresh from the coast of California, they like fast cars and skateboards, and Billy wears really tight pants.(Remember when you could Nancy, meanwhile, is dating Steve (Joe Keery). In the intervening year or so between seasons, Nancy and Steve have sunken into miserable coupledom.doesn't do that.Steve sucks at writing essays, it turns out, but his hair is still impeccable. It reckons with the sticky situations that happened last season.For starters, Will is having "episodes." The new Hawkins laboratory doctor (played by Paul Reiser) thinks it's just PTSD, which, to be fair, Will definitely has. Twice in this episode he returns to the Upside Down.