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Connell said government documents demonstrate that one instructor had also interrogated Baluchi — apart from the training — to gather intelligence.The interrogator/instructor, identified as X3L, had “personally drowned him, what they call water-dousing, which is basically waterboarding without a board.” He also “personally walled Baluchi,” which means slamming his head into a wall to get him to answer questions.“He is also the person who performed—,” Connell is quoted as saying before the rest of the sentence is blacked out.Part of it is a lack of basic services at the court’s holding cell, which has a bunk, stainless steel toilet and sink but no shower.“Are you familiar with the fact that he doesn’t like to take showers,” Nashiri ‘s attorney Rick Kammen asked, explaining that “showers remind him of when he was waterboarded by the United States?”“I’m not aware of that part,” Gabavics replied in an exchange that was initially classified.Pohl inquired: “Let’s say, for example, either the CIA or the detention facility themselves record a conversation, and then they forward the recording or the information to the NSA or the DIA.

If the House of Representatives flips from Republican to Democrat in November, impeachment hearings may open in January. 11, 2001 terror attacks, soon after his 2006 transfer to Guantánamo from more than three years in the CIA’s secret overseas prison network in an image obtained by Mc Clatchy.The 9/11 charge sheet says he went by “Khallad,” an Baluchi and then said, ‘No, no, you didn’t do that right.