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18-Jan-2020 17:06

This could turn things around in your favor, especially if you used the state social services regulations to prove that the rules are not being followed correctly by the social workers.

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The girls are superb and so are the men with those massive things to just make women go crazy.You’ve probably noticed that many if not most CPS social workers have no compassion for parents, grandparents, or other family members.They are hard-core family destroyers and to self-justify the evil they commit, they develop a jaded perspective that eliminates their sense of compassion and their conscience. They’re now part of the system, and they know the rules.The site is interactive and helps answer many queries.

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If you do – caseworkers will pounce on those words and never let you live them down. In some cases something is being requested or required by social workers even though there’s no court order to allow it.

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