Boston college dating scene

15-Jun-2020 12:35

This can also be a romantic midnight setting of wandering aimlessly through the parks and listening to spooky music (especially during Halloween time).

Emerson students aren’t the only ones who take advantage of the parks.

The Common and Public Garden Being positioned directly across from Emerson, these two parks are perfect for not only first dates but group hangouts, social events, guitar jams, or homework/study spots.

Some students get takeout from a cafe and have picnics overlooking the duck pond.

Remember those moments in middle school when holding hands and instant messaging every few days equated to being in a “relationship?

” Or in high school when eating lunch together and kissing during sports games meant that you were committed?

Dates with more than two people aren’t allowed, and the asker should have a plan for the date (asking the other person what to do isn’t allowed).

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Concerts Speaking of fate, meeting complete strangers at concerts cannot be prevented.Here comes college with all its randomness and casual hookups, and we begin to wonder, how serious can dating possibly be during school?With lively times at parties and unexpected encounters at social events, high expectations of finding love and a “soulmate” shouldn’t be set, at least not freshman year. The scenarios are many, but the long-standing question still remains: Will I ever find that one person who is right for me?

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