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Customers may apply for a dedicated short code for these type of programs.

List of high risk SMS programs detailed below: SHAFT sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco content is strictly prohibited.

She says she remembers the woman came to the front desk that morning, saying something had happened and she wanted to switch rooms.

The woman later checked out, and then the detectives came to the motel to explain the woman had called about the alleged sexual assault.

Because of this, Sprint and T-mobile mobile destinations are delivered via a pool of Nexmo owned long codes for our shared shortcode 2FA API.

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Vaping or marijuana/cannabis or content relating to dispensaries falls under this prohibited content.(**Note that Nexmo US short codes cannot be used to send SMS to Canada or other countries) If none of our pre-approved short code use-cases are appropriate we can assist you in the application process for a dedicated short code.Long virtual numbers The feature restrictions for long-virtual-number originators are as follows: Maximum Throughput: There is a limit of 1 SMS per second and per virtual number for SMS sent from a long virtual number in the US due to local carriers regulations.Comar said she learned he was a suspect only this week when the detective called."Never was this at the back of my mind that something like this had happened [when he was fired]," she said.

"I did not know about it until yesterday."Comar, who has owned the motel for about seven years, said she will be looking at increasing security and monitoring of guest records.Comar told CBC News she gave police access to the motel's video surveillance that covers the front desk as well as camera looking at the hallway outside the woman's room.She said the video of the hallway showed a man but she couldn't tell who it was.Police then asked to speak with Brar, who worked the night shift at the motel."I said this is very unfortunate but I am always there to help you guys," she said.