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17-Mar-2020 00:13

As did 50's March interview in Vibe Magazine, in which he said: "Chelsea is confident.I think confidence is the sexiest thing about a person.About her breakup, she , “I would come home from work, and Ted would be like, ‘Do you want to watch your show? That’s the last thing I’d want to do,'” she added, “That was the reason it didn’t work out, ultimately.

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Handler has actually been romantically linked to David Alan Grier who’s quoted as saying, “I think Chelsea Handler is the funniest woman.” Grier is actually 20 years older than Handler, but the two are big comedians, so perhaps they had a bond through humor.

After months of speculation and some very uncomfortable twitpics and interviews, Chelsea Handler has finally admitted the obvious: she dated 50 Cent. The TV host took a turn on the other side of the table Tuesday night, sitting down with Piers Morgan and opening up about her personal life. I was sampling, kind of, the atmosphere, seeing what was out there, and I was satiated." That confirms a cat and mouse game the two played with the web and press all fall and winter; at one point, Handler tweeted "I don't know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper," while posting a photo of the two in bed.

Which included a very public soiree with the rapper/actor/social lightning rod. Then, a more firm denial came, though a photo of the pair dining -- and evidently watching each other eat very closely -- in a restaurant told otherwise.

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