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Slight Gregxoc and Archiexoc Itachixoc kakashixoc nejixoc garraxoc sauskexoc and other couples! Things are gonna be different with a street smart girl from Georgia on the team!

a group of five girls get trasnported to the naruto world! But, can she deal with her growing feelings for Raimundo when Jack Spicer attacks?

Author has written 34 stories for Death Note, Oban Star-Racers, Naruto, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, Kingdom Hearts, Twilight, Sweeney Todd, Camp Rock, House, M. Tv Shows, Victorious, Criminal Minds, Avatar: Last Airbender, NCIS, Total Drama series, Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Big Time Rush, Goonies, and Supernatural. I like any anime and will write stories about pretty much anything! Kagome loves her basic job at the local gas station, seeing the smiles on the regular customers makes her day, but its not complete until her regular, Inu Yasha comes in everyday with his 3 year old daughter, she begins to fall in love. This story begun long before the woes began and picked right back up after the sea foamed question mark. Lime in chapter 2 hence why i have to push it to M. Now, she is about to join her best friend Jim on an adventure larger than she ever could have imagined. Adam OCHaruhi's little sister isn't what the club expected her to be. Zuko is reunited with an old friend that dissapeared when they were young.

And If I dont know the story Ill do research so I do! slight hints of Kyoyax OC and Tamakix OC depending on how you want to read it. No I'm not crazy, but if my mind thinks it's okay to go on some weird treasure hunt just to impress a boy there is defiantly something wrong with me. Will slowly update]Alexandra was never happier than she was at the Benboe Inn, but the night the pirates attacked changed everything. Now, years later, her mysterious reappearance on a former mission leads the Rangers to search for her all over again as buried secrets are revealed. Not meant to be a long read, just something nice that I liked.

So the twin’s mom decides to give her a place to stay!

Thing is the girl is American and she is going to have to go to Ouran for school.

Kyouya Xoc Morixoc Three years after Calliegh's supposed death Eric marries again, but he as well as the rest of the team compare her to Calliegh. Beauty is in every way encouraging and there is beauty when you follow the silence into the light.

After Eric's new wife gets shot will things change or will they stay the same. Jade's moving back to Japan, and attending Ouran, too! Hikarux OCx Kaoru Kiyoko was not a very typical woman. Nick OCIt's getting too dangerous, so Inuyasha makes the decision to send Jade home. Sort of like me own version of episode 19; Go Back To Your Own Time, Kagome! Inuyashax OCA Miami politicain is murdered in the Caribbean.

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Lobelia's has caught Kyouya's interest for her to join the Host Club, as a hostess, and not a host.

And what happens when Tamaki finds Haruhi in the hands of another man?

Greetings, has anyone else had these? I did use the m.f.s.e. and had no luck. I have. I got these a couple of times a while back when the Actavis brand tablets.… continue reading »

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Vassar drama professor Clinton J. Atkinson noted, "I don't think anyone ever taught Meryl acting. One of Meryl Streep’s first professional jobs in 1975.… continue reading »

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