Collection not updating sccm

03-Apr-2020 23:53

You could manually change each and every collection...that will take days, so I slapped together a powershell script to do it for you.If you are having problems with collections taking a long time to refresh membership, it is very possible that you have incremental updates or collection membership evaluation schedule set of happen frequently on a large number of collections.So now you have 1600 collections set at incremental updates, what do you do?Stop the windows update service,rename or delete the Software Distribution folder (%windir%\software Distribution) and start windows update service.This approach provides a fresh start with a new Windows Update data store if the file is corrupted.More info,read Required: This means the software update is applicable but is not yet installed.Alternatively, it may mean that the software update was installed but the state message has not yet been sent to to the site server.

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When you enable software update agent setting in client agent settings,a policy will be created with this setting and stored in SQL Database.

If you do not disable automatic updates (Via GPO) leaving the door open for the WUA to do things on its own outside the control of Config Mgr including installing any updates approved directly in WSUS (including new versions of the agent itself which are automatically approved) and rebooting systems which have a pending reboot.

Is this part of the Device Collections not updating problem or is. to Devices Collection not. its VLAN part way through my SCCM configurations.… continue reading »

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I have several Device Collections in a tiered format that essentially goes like this All Systems. All Workstations. Specific OU Workstations. Each sub-collection has.… continue reading »

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I am using SCCM 2007 on Windows Server 2003. I have few issues regarding SCCM. My collections are not updating correctly from Active Directory OU. I have made a New.… continue reading »

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SCCM collection evaluations take a long time to evaluate. and it is not under a heavy load. this person decided to go straight for the NOT LIKE collection.… continue reading »

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It’s not doing a full update, which means that it usually has less performance impact on your SQL box. big BUT. ConfigMgr Collection updates.… continue reading »

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