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14-Mar-2020 21:02

Unlike the first Court case, the question before the Court in the new case was not whether the VA had properly removed VCG from the Vet Biz database, but rather whether OHA had erred by upholding the finding that VCG was ineligible, under the SBA’s SDVOSB rules, for the Corps contract.

The Court began by writing that “[t]his post-award bid protest features interactions between complex and divergent regulatory frameworks, giving rise to a harsh, even perverse, result.” The Court then walked through the statutory and regulatory framework, explaining in detail that the government operates two SDVOSB programs, each with its own eligibility rules.

The SBA determined that these provisions “deprived [Mr.

The Court issued a preliminary injunction ordering the VA to restore VCG to the Vet Biz database, but reserved a final decision until further briefing in the case. As I wrote in a September post, OHA held that the restrictions in VCG’s Shareholders Agreement prevented Mr.Montano’s ability to transfer his shares undermined the SBA’s requirement that an SDVOSB be at least 51% “unconditionally owned” by service-disabled veterans.The SBA issued a decision finding VCG to be ineligible for the Corps contract.Do D procurements fall under the SBA’s SDVOSB regulations, not the VA’s separate rules.

The SBA’s strict SDVOSB ownership rules can produce “draconian and perverse” results, but are nonetheless legal, according to a federal judge.… continue reading »

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Pharmaceutical wholesalers are no longer growth companies. They are struggling with ever larger customers, ongoing generic deflation, and the downsides of specialty pharmacy. McKesson has illustrated these challenges in the financial results for its 2018 fiscal year. See the links below. The.… continue reading »

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New businesses in the government marketplace will find many procurement-specific phrases and terms not frequently used in the private sector. The following table lists some of the most commonly used procurement-specific… continue reading »

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Landscapes and Contracts Limited was established in 2001 to procure and deliver high quality civil engineering projects on time, on budget and to provide good quality employment to ALL staff.… continue reading »

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