Consolidating and centralizing functions

21-Mar-2020 23:45

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All of this is achieved with incredible visibility that helps manage and regulate the way that deployments and releases are performed.

Jira Jira is an issue tracker that provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and general project management.

“Project” and “project execution” are 20th Century concepts, perhaps useful for building skyscrapers and stuff with huge startup costs and exponential cost of change curves.

But an impediment when it comes to Agile product development.

This is true even for “big” products — we’ll learn more about how many teams we might eventually need by starting with one team.

, though it’s also possible we’ll learn our one good team in one room gets more done than 20 mediocre geographically dispersed teams would have anyway.

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It was originally developed to provide executives outside of the IT department, actionable reporting.

Keep in mind that these tools, individual or combined, will not elevate your company to the status of Dev Ops elite.

It takes a paradigm shift to properly adopt Dev Ops within your business operations.

The third way is to foster a culture of experimentation and learning within your company.

This is the stage that you must push the capabilities of your system to the max through rigorous testing and experimentation.Docker Docker is a breakthrough container application that allows for deployment automation.It packages software with all code, tools, libraries, etc. Chef/Puppet Chef and Puppet are configuration management tools that aid in the configuration and maintenance of enterprise servers.A company must foster a culture that accepts failure, as long as a lesson can be learned.

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