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13-May-2020 01:18

​A study he read suggests that average guys have no chance with women. It sure makes sense - to him - and maybe to you but find out why the study is flawed in so many ways...

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The inference was that women are only significantly physically attracted to the top 20% of men -- i.e., the ones who look like actors or models.

Women’s standards were shown to be unreasonable (and dare I say delusional!

Also, she’s not nearly as ambitious as I would like her to be and doesn’t like it if I suggest that she try getting bigger and better things out of life and that she has to work hard for them.

She recently abandoned a career that she’d been pursuing for many years, and I feel that financially we are going to be a wreck if this trend continues.

I was lonely and not on my “A” game, so you could say that I was a desperado. We dated for five years until I got back on my feet and we decided to take the plunge and get married.I stumbled across a study recently which showed that women rated 80% of all males as below medium attractiveness.On the other side, males rated women on a bell curve of normal distribution.Chanel now says that she wants to start a business but doesn’t like my suggestions even though I have much more experience in that area.

Another problem is that since we’ve been married our intimacy level has dropped tremendously from the years when we were dating.But even these women (4s and 5s) largely reject my advances as not good enough for them.These are women around the same age as me (29) who have very little interest even in someone (based on my estimates) who is more attractive than they are.) while men’s weren’t, despite what the popular culture around us constantly repeats like a mantra -- that men’s standards of female beauty are unfair to women and objectify them!

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