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25-Apr-2020 14:52

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While we're on the topic of creepy displays of affection, we have to bring up Holmes' 2010 serenade of Cruise during a benefit show for The Motion Picture and Television Fund.

Singing "Whatever Lola Wants," Holmes slinked around the stage while Cruise pretended to reject her advances.

RELATED: 7 Bombshells We Learned About The Cruise Family From Leah Remini The more interesting facet of their secret relationship is the rumor about why they were keeping it a secret.

About a year ago, Radar Online claimed that as a part of her divorce settlement with Cruise, Holmes agreed not to date anyone publicly for five years.

As we have always been assured, there is no serious, full-on romance between Holmes and Foxx.

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It was not some kind of visual statement about her relationship status and or a sign that she’s free now to flaunt a romance.In Holmes’ case, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the reason she has not openly moved on to a new partner is due to a supposed clause in her divorce agreement.These rumors allege that to get Cruise to quickly finalize the proceedings, he and the actress negotiated a deal in which she was barred from publicly having a boyfriend for five years. There has never been any contract controlling Holmes’ love life.Rumors Katie Holmes agreed to a five-year dating ban as part of her divorce from Tom Cruise are an unfounded myth.