Csharp datagridview cellvalidating

27-May-2020 14:35

When you leave a text box or combo box by hitting the tab key, hitting an arrow key, hitting enter, or clicking on another cell, the cell validating event _usually_ fires.I doesn't matter if you've edited the text in those cells or not.After the sort is done, the fourth row of the grid is still highlighted, but because the order changed, the underlying object is no longer the original one, it's some other object.The new object's Begin Edit() has been called, which is expected and OK.

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I also do not like that the user must begin to move away from the control before validation occurs. The problem is that the event doesn't fire in the following specific cases: - when you're in the last row of the datagrid, in a text box, you have not changed the text, and you hit enter - when you're in the last row in a combo box, editing the text, and you hit enter. Thanks, Korey Hi Dan, Here is my guess at what I think is happening.It's probably worth noting that I do not allow the user to create new rows. The validating event is being raised again as you try to leave the cell after pressing Esc, and the tests in your event code are still true, so you see the error flagged again.BUT I want launch something like Cell Validating event on my datagrid (or somewhere) to intercept the check and perhaps cancel the user's change (becaule a rule will not be respected) this event is not launched !!

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:-( It is just launched When I change the current cell !! It seem very basic functionnality, It is certainely possible to do this, but How ???? In my C# application I have a data-bound Data Grid View.

Regards, Clay Burch void data Grid View1_Cell Validating(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args e) derivative where T implements IEditable Object.