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04-Apr-2020 02:33

The Russians broke into the computers of the Hillary Clinton campaign in hopes of influencing the election.

Eccentric security pioneer John Mc Afee believes the uptick in DNS attacks is a way for a foreign hacking corps to probe the U. internet for weaknesses, hoping to learn how to take down the whole thing at once.

A destructive attack was inevitably going to rip through some, if not all, of them. And most weren’t even imagining how bad it’s going to get.

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Like soldiers in one of the landing crafts approaching the beach on D-Day, the CEOs seemed resigned to their grim fate.

I’ve not been able to find any official tally yet, but cyberattacks cost companies 0 billion a year, insurer Lloyd’s of London estimates—and that doesn’t even start to measure the damage from losing customers’ confidence and the rocketing costs to companies now in the arms race to protect their systems from hackers.

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