Dating a guy who is out of my league

27-May-2020 13:49

He put a radar gun on them, and most threw 52 to 54 mph -- decent NFL speed. He and Tamara -- they'd been dating since high school -- had a daughter named Taylar the summer after Lorenzen's junior year at UK.

Lorenzen stopped by between classes in an Oxford button-down and penny loafers. Dale Mueller remembers laughing at an interview Lorenzen gave back then: I have to feed her at 9 and 11 and 1 and 3 and 5.

But he was there on the sideline for Super Bowl XLII when the Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots in the David Tyree game.

Lorenzen still has a bag of confetti from the field.

"I have to cinch my belt way down or my pants fall off."Jared and I have a lot in common, but in a couple of key ways we're different. Lorenzen is the all-time leading passer at Kentucky and earned a Super Bowl ring backing up Eli Manning for the Giants. "He's the sweetest guy in the whole wide world," says his ex-wife, Tamara, mother of their two kids.

E:60 preview: Lorenzen facing a new type of fight"The Hefty Lefty" Jared Lorenzen was a legend at Kentucky, but now he's in the fight of his life. The league streamed the game live online, and a guy from a site called Barstool Sports started posting Vines of Lorenzen zipping passes and dodging blitzers.

His weight throws a shadow over everything else in his life, the same way it does in mine. We've waited at airport gates knowing everyone else is thinking, God, I hope I don't have to sit next to him. "At first it was like, once I come back from this, once I can run again and feel better about my ankle, I gotta do something," he says.

Well, in order to lose the weight, I have to be able to work out."Except for the visual picture of it, he was a good prospect," Steinberg says. At first he resisted signing with the Giants -- they had just cut the deal that got them Eli Manning, the first pick in that year's draft.At home in Kentucky, Lorenzen convinced himself he didn't have a chance. When the Giants invited him back in 2005, Tamara said he had to try or they were through.It was the first of hundreds of times somebody made him weigh in. Lorenzen remembers Unitas looking him over and saying: You're awfully big to be a quarterback. After the season, the coaches sent a student trainer to live with Lorenzen and get him to stick to a diet.