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31-Jul-2020 23:28

Over the course of the next two seasons, we find out her best friend performed fellatio on the love of her life — whose sperm she stole and froze after a one-night stand — after which she gets in a car wreck, she finds out she can't get pregnant after undergoing fertility treatment on national television, her best friend commits suicide, she's forced to take care of family debts and health care bills, and she shares seemingly promising moments with a few men who don't end up satisfying her "standards" of love. "Then we go to the wine bar by my house and hang out and talk and next thing I know, BAM, we are tonguing each other down. We go back to my place and continue but don't have sex. ' And then he tries to come over and chill a few times but my homegirl was staying with me so he like couldn't really. Which I think nothing of because as you know I'm a sexual person.

In the end, MJP always seems to get the short end of the stick. "He's like, 'Hey.' "I'm like, 'Hey.' "He's like, 'How are you? And I say, "Hey, yeah I'm like tryna (insert action word for have sex) with you but I also like you, I don't just want sex.

Oh, and still asked for a kiss when she tried to leave.) The more discussions I've had with people who feel like their dating lives are a series of Punk'd episodes, the more I realize that we're all Mary Jane.

While Being Mary Jane has brought and continues to bring critical conversations surrounding race, the glass ceiling, the cyclical nature of family issues and black love to the forefront, at its core the show reveals the complexities of dating, relationships and finding true love.

Still, discontent with the dating scene followed me to the Queen City.

I thought my inability to connect with someone was simply a "I'm a single woman, hear me roar, I'm going to eat all of you and keep it moving" attitude, until I started writing about nightlife and discovered that many singles in the city were singing the same tune: dating in Charlotte sucks.

With this in mind, I have found that this is a great way to make friends.

On the other, there's a general consensus that true commitment has been thrown out the window. After all this time, I have nothing but memories, just memories. Commitment *insert crying laughing cat emoji*." – CN, 32 "I love hard. Bottom line, my love life has been non-existent, and until a non-fuckboy enters the picture I am okay with that." – NL, 27 Recently, I re-watched three seasons of a show my mom and I had become obsessed with back in 2013.

In the words of the anonymous friend who texted me at 2 a.m., "Ain't that a b*tch?

" Nevertheless, I learned from the experience, I've moved on and all that jazz.

This Wednesday, the stand up comedy night at Tunnel will bring you a bunch of comedians and other random people on stage sharing their stories about dating, including gags and observations on how Tinder and modern times have changed the dating process.

Plus, there will be a bunch of ladies telling men how to do it the right way.As if that isn't already a nightmare red flag, soon after helping him to the bathroom, she discovers a wedding band while picking up his clothes!And that's just the beginning of the drama that ensues in her personal life. "It's the holidays, so he's out of town for like a while. So he's back and I'm like, 'When can we get together?From the outset, viewers understand that while MJP seems to have a grasp on her professional life, her personal life isn't where she wants it to be.

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