Dating epiphone

23-Apr-2020 11:03

In 2012 I had the pickup routes filled, re-routed and installed PAFs, as the P-90 hum was driving me crazy.

I had acquired all vintage parts for her, except pickup rings, and would take her to guitar shows, where even the most astute vintage dealers would check her out and be fooled by the quality of your work.

”“I wanted my left handed 1956 goldtop reissue to more closely resemble the genuine article.Relicing in it’s tangible form is cosmetics and carpentry, but Gord finds the soul and mojo in every instrument he commits himself to.It’s an art that goes beyond craftsmanship.” I’ve had these two old Jaguars around for years.I was also impressed that Gord listens to what I, as the customer wanted, and he delivered! ”Hi Gord, Back in 2009/2010 you refinished, relic’d and le-located the “Gibson” inlay on my left handed 2007 Les Paul Historic.

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