Dating for lone parents

10-Jan-2020 23:19

When I first became a solo mum, I thought the only way I’d find a man would be if he appeared miraculously between the back door and the clothesline.

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“Make it clear that you are a mother or a father above all else, that you are a package deal and the children are your first priority.” One of the reasons dating is difficult for children is that it is yet another change in their lives.

A divorced friend of mine has a great saying regarding the women he dates: “There’s no need for my children to meet all the contestants.” And the experts agree – when you are ready to begin dating again, it’s a good idea to keep casual and non-serious relationships separate from your children.

Spend time together when they are with the other parent or get a babysitter.

Many single parents leap into a relationship far too quickly.

If you are still attached emotionally, you are not ready for a new relationship and will end up hurt, or hurting someone else.The children need time to adjust to the idea of a relationship before they are presented with one.Limit physical affection in front of your children.Sandi Paterson is a freelance journalist based in Tauranga.