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Just because the novel has "dating sim" in the name doesn't mean we need a large cast of 10 or so female characters when 0 of them get developed. The only thing they got in common are that they look beautiful which count for literally nothing.Again with the spacing, MC just grow too fast for no given reason. You won't grow 10kg of muscle in 1 week and people don't look at you and ask "what drug you been using". Considering he was a 30yrs otaku before he get this new game otaku body, he has 0 interest in girl and keep using the reason "I am an otaku" to chase away girls. The best part isn't even his overpowered Dating Sim System (which by the way can do A LOT more than help him date, so I'm currently questioning the author's sense of naming), no, it's the plot build that really starts around 20 chapters, when we realize that this novel isn't just going to be a slice of life but something closer to a modern wuxia packed drama...I do not ask a hentai or MC more worried in your crotch than to do what you should do. Why do you lie to us why why why how handsome it is, please author stop with that already everyone knows that he is handsome.I want more reality in terms of your actions, I want you to tell me why it behaves like this, because keep the mystery of the past life? some will say that I am wrong but those who read the chapter where some kids from their high school try to save a girl persecuted will realize, that chapter was the most forced and unreal law.As a harem lover I have discovered that erotic novels have more depth of characters than novels like reasons for leaving the novel: -MC - the big problem The author tries to give a background, which in the end does not define his personality, could have been that he was an alien and it would have worked; but no, it gave him a personality that neither follows.

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That you like and want to take advantage of the harem or that you are a eunuch and that's why you were a virgin or you're gay and you wanted the trap boy from the beginning I feel a total disconnect with the MC, because he does not tell me what it is and I only read the surface of it, as any generic Japanese MC would say or would only add that he is not a pervert or shy, just an irritating know-it-all.

Other reviews mentions that there are no 'arrogance young master', well I have bad news for you, they are still here.

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