Dating girl has never been kissed

28-Apr-2020 00:12

I wanted to be wanted, and all the while He was proving to my little heart that He wanted me.

So that brings me to today: 27, single and with lips that are still waiting to be kissed.

I used to pray often that he’d come to know the Lord.

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But if you're a guy and you've never kissed a girl before, the moments leading up to the kiss can be quite daunting.

Every girl is different, just like there are some situations where this may not happen, but when he pulled me in like that I wasn't even sure at first if he had pulled me or I just went to him upon him asking me to.

And then I relaxed immediately, the second his lips touched mine.

After this conversation, I felt positively certain that he was the one for me. Many days were spent in frustration because he never pursued me though there were copious amounts of flirting.

Then there was the guy who wasn’t a Christian, but who sent my heart into overdrive.

Rookie is an online magazine and book series for teenagers. Why did I choose to refrain from dating and making out and all that awesome stuff? If the right person comes along, yeah, maybe I’ll make a move, but so far I haven’t met that person. What might seem weird to you is that I don’t really get crushes.