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The connoisseur can spot differences between factories and ages instantly by the colour imparted by the glaze and subtle differences in the designs, which at first sight seem very similar.Set of six Henriot Quimper Fish Plates dating circa 1960. The tiny pin points seen on the face of some of the plates are factory imperfections. His reputation was gaining similar status in Paris, where he won a bronze medal at the 1914 Salon.In 1918 Leech served for a time in France, but this experience of World War I left him suffering from depression.A major retrospective of his work was held at the National Gallery of Ireland in 1997 and toured to the Ulster Museum and the Musee des Beaux Arts, Quimper, accompanied by an extensive catalogue by Denise Ferran.Although he received a huge amount of recognition for his art throughout his life, Leech struggled financially, often making his own frames to save money.More details A set of twelve late 19th century French plates with humorous printed decoration, the revenge of the rabbit, etc, 20cm diameter approx, together with a Doulton Burslem jug and basin set with painted iris detail, a Copeland Parian bust of a classical female character, two Delft tiles with blue and white painted decoration, further tiles, a Quimper type quaiche, etc More details A quantity of Burleigh ware Willow pattern blue and white printed wares including tea pot, five mugs, twenty three plates and dishes of various sizes, etc, together with a Quimper ware tea pot stand More details Mixed Lot comprising Staunton Chess Box, small 19th century Box, Two Johnson Bros Quimper Style Plates, Two Boxed Aynsley Photograph Frames (Pembroke and Eliz Rose) and a Boxed Royal Worcester Cake Plate More details SECTION 20.A large quantity of ceramics including part tea sets, Colclough, Quimper plate, F & Sons Burslem meat platter, Staffordshire plates, Chinese pin dishes and commemorative wares More details Three amber glass tankards engraved with fern leaves, four amber glass Webb dimple bowls on low stems, a Coalport figure of ' Savannah', Coalport model of a bird, a Hornsea 1950s cruet bottle, 19th/20th century teawares etc and a collection of miniatures to include two satsuma bowls, a Quimper bowl, a Berlin bowl, Parian miniatures, a quantity of religious rural and trades people figures, a silver napkin ring, etc.

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The third firm, founded by Guillaume Dumaine in 1778, was known as HR or Henriot Quimper.Its mark was HB, the H for Hubaudière, the name of the family that owned it from the early eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, and the B for Bousquet, the name of the founder.The second was Porquier, founded in the middle of the second half of the eighteenth century, followed a few years later by the third, Henriot.Identifying the factories by the marks can by confusing. Henriot used HR, but the Grand Maison didn't like it, saying that it could easily be confused with HB.