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16-May-2020 11:40

Their pollination mechanisms often involve Rube Goldberg-like complexity.

As such, they are often used as examples of irreducible complexity by creationists.

(orchids) are a diverse group of flowering plants (the orchid family).

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Most species of the genus Ophrys ("eyebrow") imitate the female form of their specific pollinator, usually a bee, or a wasp, sometimes a large fly, or a beetle.And he turned the argument from design on its head: Nature produces what we might call contraptions rather than contrivances.In other words, natural selection predicts both adaptation and maladaptation.Flies or bees are lured into the pouch due to the bright colors of the flowers, try to land, fall into a fluid-filled bucket, and in the process of climbing out of the pouch, the hapless pollinator gets the flower's pollinium (pollen packet) glued to its abdomen (or elsewhere).

This "contrivance" is the most commonly cited as evidence for ID, since it's a multistep process.The bizarre Catasetum orchids produce either male or female flowers, depending on the individual.Male flowers have special triggers that literally flick away the pollinators they lure in the process of applying their pollinia.This was a deliberate attack on the argument from design, and indeed on the notion of purpose in the world in general.

Our results represent the most complete evolutionary history of PEPC genes in green plants to date and particularly elucidate the origin of PEPC in orchids.… continue reading »

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