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Generally, heavier and thicker variety of grease is used for the purpose.

Seeing the importance of this gun, it is equally important to select the best one that not only lasts long but shows enhanced performance throughout.

A grease gun is a hand tool generally used in garages for the lubrication of critical automotive parts.

The lubricant is applied via the grease gun through a specified aperture to a specific point, which is called a nipple or grease fitting.

The grease is then transferred via the channels behind the nipple to the desired part which requires lubrication.

The apertures are designed for close fittings only and ensure that the grease is applied only at the desirable points and not spread off unnecessarily.

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LEVEL 1: The main page would be the trunk of the tree, the center from which everything flows.

The remote control is mainly used to move and steer the particular chair.