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Once you are outside, if you didn't take a taxi, you may find that you are forced to tip the parking attendant through illegal overcharging.

The music at most Vietnamese clubs is the same - some kind of hard Vietnamese trance completely out of touch with the electronic dance music being played elsewhere around the world. There are no famous DJs in Vietnam and when big name DJs from the US or Europe do come to Vietnamese clubs, they mostly only get patronage from the expats.

Apocalypse Now (Apo) is another bar/club in downtown Saigon and it caters mostly to foreigners (a mix of tourists and expats), prostitutes, and gays, making for an interesting atmosphere.

In Vietnam, totally unlike in the West, bars and clubs are not the place to go to pick up girls, unless you are trying to pick up the staff (PR girls).

Related to what the Turkey City Lexicon refers to as "White Room Syndrome," which is symbolic of the author starting the story without any idea of the plot or characters. May be the "wake up and go to school" in Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World.

Nightlife in Vietnam can be split into three different types: the local scene, the expat and tourist scene, and a hybrid scene for modern urban Vietnamese including some expats.

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Depending on how connected the character is to what is to come, there may be a prophetic dream as a form of prologue beforehand.Outside of the two big cities, there are a handful of clubs in Da Nang (Phuong Dong, Vegas, etc.), while the smaller cities like Buon Me Thuot or Dalat can support one or so bar each.Beach resort towns like Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and Vung Tau, have clubs for both foreign and domestic tourists. The scene has evolved a lot since last and now there is easy a worty techno event to go to at least once per month!This is because most of them are part of the local scene and don't receive many foreign customers and don't make themselves attractive to foreigners anyways.