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The new Constitution of 1816 was presented to the people as a fait accompli and they were not given the opportunity to ratify, or modify, any part of the document.In fact, the Constitution was interpreted to mean that the document could not be amended for twelve years which meant no changes could be made until 1828.Enthusiastically, the delegates declared emphatically that they were ready to serve as the instrument to complete the constitution process and work started immediately on the first constitution for the State of Indiana. Constitution, as well as the constitutions of Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Ohio, as templates.The delegates labored diligently from June 10-June 29, 1816. Notable provisions of the new state constitution included a bill of rights, a reiteration that slavery was prohibited in Indiana, free education through the university level would be available to all and Corydon was designated to serve as the First State Capitol of Indiana until 1825, when a permanent capital would be named.What do you consider the key accomplishment of your Legacy Project?Did you know that Corydon has a rich history dating back to Indiana’s earliest days?

Ironically, Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison was firmly invested in Vincennes and resisted relocation efforts, vetoing the choice of Madison.The capital had gone and Corydon settled sleepily into small town days and ways.The culture of South Africa is known for its ethnic and cultural diversity.The forty-three delegates met in a log structure at the corner of High and North Capital Avenue.