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In 1878, the Ottoman Empire's Kars region—including Ani—was incorporated into the Russian Empire's Transcaucasian region.

In 1892 the first archaeological excavations were conducted at Ani, sponsored by the St.

And the number of prisoners was not less than 50,000 souls.

I was determined to enter city and see the destruction with my own eyes.

The eldest son, Hovhannes-Smbat (1020–41), gained control of Ani while his younger brother, Ashot IV (1020–40), controlled other parts of the Bagratuni kingdom.

Hovhannes-Smbat, fearing that the Byzantine Empire would attack his now-weakened kingdom, made the Byzantine Emperor Basil II his heir.

Emergency repairs were also undertaken on those buildings that were most at risk of collapse.However, in 1046 Ani surrendered to the Byzantines, Ani did not lie along any previously important trade routes, but because of its size, power, and wealth it became an important trading hub.Its primary trading partners were the Byzantine Empire, the Persian Empire, the Arabs, as well as smaller nations in southern Russia and Central Asia.Pay Porn is a list of the most popular best pay porn sites including over 1k quality porn videos.