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16-Apr-2020 22:37

The go kart track is approximately one-half of a mile inside distance, with 11 turns, multiple apex’s and two straights.

In spite of this, however, our society focuses almost exclusively on academic intelligence. When is the last time someone said, “John has really high relationship intelligence.

Focusing on traditional intelligence quotients overlooks the reality that a “successful” person with an IQ of 150 could be completely unsuccessful at relationships.

I believe it is time to focus on things that really matter.

Is it possible to measure a person’s dating and relationship intelligence? There are certain behaviors that make relationships successful and there are specific behaviors that ruin relationships.

After all, who wants to be in a relationship with someone who sits around and does nothing?

People with high relationship intelligence are often self-motivated people who are productive.

It is time to talk about dating and relationship intelligence.

It is time to teach people what makes relationships successful and what destroys them.Their greatest strength is sending value to someone even when they are upset or angry with them.Someone who can affirm the worth of another person even when they are upset at them, scores high in relationship intelligence.Can you imagine trying to form a relationship where lying and deceit are common?