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12-May-2020 10:22

Orbital replacement units (ORUs), access covers, caps, and structural parts that will be removed for on-orbit maintenance shall be designed with restraining and handling devices for temporary stowage by the crew in a microgravity environment.

With humans currently occupying the International Space Station (ISS) for six months and space exploration missions of one to three years on the horizon, preservation of crew member health and fitness is a major objective of the international space community.

The Load Range is 10-600 lbs on Bar and 5-150 lbs on Cable; stroke Range – 0-30 inches on bar and 0-52 inches on cable.

Lift bar must accommodate hand spacing up to 51 inches; platform must accommodate foot spacing up to 47 inches.

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ARED users see results similar to those from free-weight training, suggesting that it could be an effective countermeasure against loss of conditioning during spaceflight.

The vacuum canisters provide the primary force while the flywheels provide the simulated inertial component of the exercise as would be experienced on the ground. Main Arm Assembly includes the wishbone arm and the lift bar components. Arm Base Assembly includes the load adjustment mechanism, interfaces for the Cylinder/Flywheel Assembly, Main Arm Assembly, Cable Pulley Assembly, and the Frame/Platform Assembly.

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With variable accommodating resistance training machines, a. the resistance varies randomly as you progress through the range of motion b. the resistance varies in a manner attempting to replicate the strength curve for the particular movement c. the resistance varies with the speed of movement d. None of these is correct.… continue reading »

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A weight training machine which, through the use of air, fluid, or clutch plates in tandem with a flywheel, controls the speed with which a person is able.… continue reading »

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