Demonoid ratio not updating

03-Mar-2020 10:53

We could go here, we could go there, and then grandstand when it happens, ...Register for PSERS Member Self-Service (MSS) Portal for a chance to win a FREE i Pad Mini!price has broken into an uptrend territory with a very strong and clear breakout.Price broke out of a heads and shoulders pattern very nicely, and price also broke a long term horizontal resistance zone which broke us out into a new uptrend. a bat pattern points to a powerful zone that may act as a resistance.I hate to be on this train, but as I watch this unfold the similarities are there.Ripple continues to be a controversial crypto, but I trade with profit in mind first.Whether you are a bull in a herd of cows, you are still part of the herd.Many are just guessing at direction, and do not understand how markets work in general.

You can follow and see all my trades in my profile. Now that the market has turned so has the sentiment of most so called "technical analysts", and they are feeding into the herd.Following through in such a way should give price the look of the previous pattern which occurred prior to the breach of the ... I will have this analysis out each weekend as well as daily updates throughout the week, if you guys like what I'm doing hit the "follow" button and you will get a notification each time I post a video or chart! It is humorous to see so many bullish technical analysis on Trading View today. ","short_symbol":"BTCUSD","like_score":24,"image_url":"x5r Qlat W","user":,"current_user":,"result_score":24,"published_chart_url":"\/chart\/BTCUSD\/x5r Qlat W-Bitcoin-upwards-momentum-second-half-of-2018-11600\/","id":4993757}' data-uid="x5r Qlat W" Hey guys, How are you? I like to analyse the Weekly time frame to give me a perspective on when I am forming my Bias.If you look back just a few days ago, everyone here was so sure that Bitcoin and Alts would capitulate while I was the only contrarian telling people otherwise. Back on Trading View with the updated version of the chart I've created a few months ago, where I was expecting the retracement from the 10K zone onwards towards probably this 5.8K zone as given scenario. The Bias is still bullish and it simply looks like a minor correction of the previous rise and we are looking at making a higher high.Breaking the low of current consolidation will not be a big red flag for bulls as we can still see very healthy ...