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All that is necessary is for him to pronounce the Arabic word 'talaq,' which means "divorce" or "I divorce you." After pronouncing the talaq three times, either consecutively all at once, or spread out over a period of time, the divorce is considered to be final and irrevocable.The man cannot again remarry a woman for whom he has issued a triple talaq (for exception, see Muhallil marriage below).Fear Allah regarding your women, for you have taken them by Allah’s covenant and were allowed to enjoy them sexually by Allah’s words.You have the right on them that they do not allow anyone you dislike to sit on your mat. They have the right to be spent on and to be bought clothes in what is reasonable.[10]In pre-Islamic times, men had unlimited rights to divorce and remarry wives.

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This is one are where it is said Muhammad improved the status of women.The divorce becomes irrevocable after the third divorce.[9]Although it is not impossible for a Muslim woman to divorce her husband, it is much more difficult.Whereas a man may simply pronounce the triple talaq, a woman must bring a lawsuit against her husband and have the divorce granted by a judge (Islamic khadi; judge of shariah).This honorable ayah abrogated the previous practice in the beginning of Islam, when the man had the right to take back his divorced wife even if he had divorced her a hundred times.

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This situation was harmful for the wife, and this is why Allah made the divorce thrice, where the husband is allowed to take back his wife after the first and the second divorce…

He wanted, therefore, a opinion, and I went with him to ask 'Abdullah ibn 'Abbas and Abu Hurayra on his behalf about it, and they said, 'We do not think that you should marry her until she has married another husband.'[13]"A man came and asked 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr ibn al-'As about a man who divorced his wife three times before he had had intercourse with her. 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr ibn al-'As said to me, 'You say one pronouncement completely separates her from her husband and three makes her marriage, a union takes place between a man and a woman where some of the responsibilities of both parties are surrendered.