Droid x news widget not updating

06-Feb-2020 09:45

Anyone have a flip clock widget (ala HTC Sense clock), preferably with weather that will work with the Droid X and GB? Analog clocks seem to work, so my guess it's some sort of update/refresh service in GB is not working correctly.Lately I have been having a problem with the clock widget on my home screen not updating. The summary of what I'm doing is, when the update is needed, I send a broadcast which is registered in the Widget Provider in the Manifest, upon receiving it in on Receive, I extract the values and update the widget, however, the the widget doesn't get updated.I tried updating it directly in on Receive, tried calling on Update manually, and tried updating the widget outside the provider but with no luck.I have tried about a dozen other RSS and News widgets and none of them even come close to replicating the functionality of the default one. Also, If you have any other RSS news widget suggestions, I'll take that as well..

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I just installed beautiful widgets but it's not updating the time.

If your Social Networking Status widget states "Add a social network", you need to add a social network Facebook, MySpace, Twitter to your DROID X accounts. Once the account is added, your handset will quickly update your social networking widgets with information.… continue reading »

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Motorola Droid X Score Widgets Not Updating Properly Sep 7, 2010 I am currently using ESPN ScoreCenter with Launcher Pro Plus and the widget won't used to, but for some reason it stopped one day. I stopped using it and went to SportsTap. Again, it worked at first, but then said no games scheduled which I know wasn't true. I went.… continue reading »

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I tried various clock widgets and since upgrade to GB, the time does not update, the clock on the top status bar will have the correct time and the widget will show like 2 hours ago.… continue reading »

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