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02-Jul-2020 05:11

All The Administration Console permits the creation of Work Manager configurations that are not supported and do not function as intended.

Incorrect Work Manager configurations may result in a number of exceptions being recorded in the server logs, most commonly exceptions while parsing deployment descriptors.

You should not assign an application-scoped request class to a global Work Manager, and you should not create more than one application-scoped request class for an application-scoped Work Manager.

Correcting the Work Manager configurations to match the documented constraints resolves these issues.

Workaround The Oracle OCI driver remains a supported driver for application data connectivity, consistent with prior releases of Oracle Web Logic Server.

However, users must now specify all required configuration properties manually, including the data base username.

Workaround Use one of the following workarounds: service provider interface implemented as an EJB, the jwsc build process succeeds, but the service is generated as a standard servlet service. Enter this value in the results in an "Errors must be corrected" message and the data source cannot be created.

Workaround In the Administration Console, select any other driver type and go through the process for creating the data source.

Workaround Edit the deployment plan XML file directly.

are being dumped to the debug log, resulting in the SOAP message content not being available for processing by the business logic.

Workaround If you experience this issue, download and install patch 13641115.

On the All Servlet 3.0 file upload is enabled by default, and cannot be disabled via a flag in Web Logic Server.

This causes issues with other file upload frameworks. Enter this value in the All When using Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) with Web Logic Server 12.1.1, after starting and stopping an application via the Administration Console, the Bean Manager is no longer present in the JNDI tree. Enter this value in the All In Web Logic Server 12.1.1, when deploying and running an EJB application which observes an event with a transactional filter applied, a WELD-000401 Failure while notifying an observer of event error occurs. Enter this value in the All In Web Logic Server 12.1.1, Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) applications do not pick up all of the directories that are specified for split directory applications, causing a WELD-001408 error. Enter this value in the All With the implementation of strong password enforcement (8 character minimum with one numeric or special character) in this release of Web Logic Server, existing scripts could potentially encounter issues.

All When defining security policies in the Administration Console for an EJB deployment that references types defined in a separate library deployment, exceptions can be observed if that library deployment is not available to the Console.

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