Ethiopian christian dating usa

14-Feb-2020 13:24

And, as families rejected God their ancestors probably learned to fear nature as they sought to understand the world.

Over the generations as people sought to make sense of their primitive world, more changes were introduced.

But God intervened on Mount Sinai to restore the truth to Moses.

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Noah was the common ancestor of all races and Abraham, the ancestor of the Hebrews came from that region where the Gilgamesh stories emerged.When the plot to destroy the Jews was thwarted, the whole region was afraid of the Jews. That is the innocent way in which errors and changes emerged.As distance and isolation continued and memories faded, regional changes evolved.Their beliefs were probably Mithraism which is probably close to Zoroastrianism. Joseph advanced from a slave in Egypt to marry the daughter of the high priest and to be second in command. Joseph proved that his God was superior to the Egyptian god and gained respect for YHWH when the whole region was saved from famine through the power of God. Since God has informed you of all this, there is no one so discerning and wise as you are. The king acknowledged the superiority of the Hebrew God. Bible haters also claim that the Jews and Christians stole from Zoroaster including the concept of the Messiah.

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