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He wasn't lying, he gave me about 5 boxes worth of spare parts to prove it. I have some questions about it that I was hoping someone here could answer. I don't particularly like them and will need to sell them to finance something new.

2) I believe the seats are the original recaros that have just been recovered?

She made me promise to take good care of "Grunhilde", handed me the keys, and I got the hell out of there before she had time to change her mind. Glad this car found you, I do remember Davids girlfreind ended up with this car, she sold a real nice 2002 to a freind of mine to buy this E21. It is an 81' 320i, 189,xxx miles, rust(of course), Sapphire blue metallic/sun fade/rust. Needs a few things like an interior light, map pocket, gasket around vent windows, rear side marker lights.

Looks like she did a nice job of taking car of it!! The first owner was a marine and was stationed in the southwest and sometime it got passed to his nephew in Indiana who, passed it to his son. ) panel that's below the taillights (including a quarter sized hole where metal used to be), and new front tires are in order. One of the headlights aims towards the sky - I think the bracket is bent that it mounts to?

It runs and drives and I am now currently working to get it ready for autocrossing this season. 1979 320i with (supposedly) 49k miles, purchased 4/13. Mostly rust-free and in pretty good shape save for a poorly-repaired and painted dent on the left rear fender. First post, so I'm not sure if these photos will show up, but here goes...

So far, so good, so I put down a deposit to reserve the car while they got all the paperwork straight on their end.

Long story short, this ended up taking over two weeks, with the specialist complaining about how difficult the owner was to deal with.

does not blow any hair out of the vents (hot or cold) so possibly a bad fan motor?