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Gradual additions could not account for the origin of such a system.It would have to come together fully formed and integrated.TEN MAJOR FLAWS OF EVOLUTION – REVISED by Randy Alcorn (with additional editing by Jim Darnall).

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Evolution is the non-random survival of those traits that provide an advantage to survival and reproduction in the current environment. The watch analogy is not valid because a watch is an inanimate object.

A system that is irreducibly complex has precise components working together to perform the basic function of the system.

(A mousetrap is a simple example.) If any part of that system were missing, the system would cease to function.

Information science teaches that in all known cases, complex information requires an intelligent message sender.

This is at the core of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

It is simply asserting what appears to be the point of this list of supposed arguments – that evolution through natural forces is impossible. It refers to irreducible complexity and gives the examples of vision and blood clotting.