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by Michel Tournier (1983) Michel Tournier, one of the best French writers of late XXth century with delicate taste to perversion and deviations, reconstructs the story of Gilles de Rais, the famous Breton serial killer of the 15th century, the prototype of Bluebeard and even of the ogre from Hop-o'-My-Thumb.

Gilles de Rais raped and killed countless children in his castle before he was exposed and executed, but Tournier reminds us about his past and studies the way the celebrated French general and the associate of Jeanne d'Arc became one of the first documented serial killer in history.

by Thomas Harris (1988) Due to this novel, common readers discover the serial killer may be charming and glamorous. -- and an opponent, traditionally ugly serial killer Buffalo Bill.

To make us love Hannibal Lector even more, Thomas Harris gives him a female ally -- Clarice Starling from the F. I like the book as a kind of love story -- without sex or declaration of the love between characters.

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The novel became a bestseller and Alfred Hitchcock adapted it, so everybody knows the film much better than the book. By the way, the famous shower scene was invented by Bloch.

For example, let's remember the great collection of , not only because the book is thick as a real novel, but also due to its sophisticated plot and impressive characters.

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