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07-Feb-2020 14:28

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Specifically, it is helpful to locate potential dates who are single, and in locations where you might have something in common (here).It also helps to look and act your best when asking for a date (here and here).This phenomenon is known as the "Foot-in-the-Door" (FITD) effect.Essentially, when someone agrees to a small, initial request, they then feel more agreeable, positive, and comfortable with a larger, related second request.For me, no matter how attractive the guy is, I think I would not agree for a date if he is a smoker.Besides, I am wondering what about the other 85% or 84.2%?A trained counselor, perhaps in cognitive/behavioral therapy, could help you further untangle that vicious cycle on a mental level.With their help, you might even begin to test reality by speaking to potential dates and separating the accurate feedback from the negative thoughts.

These percentages were generally the same for all three men making the various requests.

Therefore, making the small request first did indeed increase the women's willingness to go on a date—much as the FITD effect works in other influence situations.

Making the Best Date Request While this effect is striking, the overall percentages of women agreeing to a date were lower than those found in some other studies (see here and here).

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You have already done a good job identifying the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Beyond that, you may want to try being more social in general. Find some groups or activities that are social, feel comfortable to you, and that you enjoy.