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The dogleg severity is low if the changes in inclination and/or azimuth are small or occur over a long interval of course length.The dogleg severity is high when the inclination and/or azimuth changes quickly or occur over a short interval of course length.Parallel PL/SQL 28.2 27.2 6.3 Let's see how a Foreign Key constraint affects things.Although not shown here, this effect is magnified with each additional bitmap index.Since the inclination is constant (refer rows in the table below) and only the azimuth changes, thus, substituting the values of I, A and MD in Equation 1 and calculating DLS, the result obtained is as tabulated below : One can easily imagine a situation when DLS is high ..

The author cites that after updating all of the rows in table, his compress ration is reduced dramatically.

A keyseat is formed if the lateral force is large enough to cut into the wall.

Soft formations require a lower force than hard formations to form a keyseat.

LAST UPDATE test SET fk = fk_tab(i) , fill = fill_tab(i) WHERE pk = pk_tab(i); END LOOP; CLOSE rec_cur; END; / The modern equivalent of the Updateable Join View.

Parallel PL/SQL ORA-00060: deadlock detected Well, if further proof was needed that Bitmap indexes are inappropriate for tables that are maintained by multiple concurrent sessions, surely this is it.

In the above three equations, the “100” changes the dogleg severity to “per 100 feet”.

In this section I'll discuss about one of the most important term related to Directional Drilling "Dog Leg Severity", abbriviated as DLS.… continue reading »

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