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12-Apr-2020 00:21

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Would be interesting to have something between Skye and Sarah.

Might be a bit more work but I think it might interesting if one of the scenarios is Natasha catching Skye and Scott when they go into the room under the stairs because of a bad decision made by the user.

Hey guys so I've read through this and if it has a 1 sentence memo its cause it'll be easier and faster for me to update, updates will be coming hard and fast tomorrow after 8 p.m (british time) so im guessing about 2p.m american.

ANYWAY the point is this IS getting updated monday 13th june.

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It's been a long-anticipated addition to what was an already successful video chat package, made possible by the new application framework in the 3.0 release.This automated messenger can parse public and private chat for its name and a query, giving the best answer it can, as set by the flash chat owner in the bot's knowledge base through the control panel.The chat bot can look for one or more keywords in various combinations in its knowledge base to establish an appropriate line to say.This capability enables you to change the bot's profile information, avatar picture and icon.

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The bot can be configured with an RSS feed of your choosing for regular chat updates.In this case, the level of functionality is identical to public chat.Having robot assisted private messaging can extend the reach of your interactive help system or automated moderation.This add-on is available with chat plans for 50 or more users.